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On-Site Electrical & Mechanical Repairs
Equipment breakdowns often occur without warning and in many situations it's impossible to remove the customer's damaged equipment for repair at our facility. Therefore, these repairs must be done in-place. Throughout the years we have traveled around the world assisting our customers. Our highly mobile workforce is ready to travel at a moment's notice in response to your needs. Please let us know how we can be of assistance.

Windmills generating electricity along the Altamont Pass outside of Livermore, CA

On-Site Dynamic Balancing

When your rotating apparatus is properly balanced it runs more efficiently with less vibration. It is well known that when a piece of rotating equipment is perfectly balanced,
it's life expectancy is greatly increased. We have both stationary and portable balancing equipment to service your needs in house or in the field.

on-site dynamic balancingmotor vibration analysis

In many cases a vibration problem can be detected and corrected right at the customer's site. By doing this it eliminates the expense of disassembly and reassembly of the equipment, not to mention the down time associated with the equipment being off line. We accomplish this by bringing our instruments to your facility and balancing your equipment right on the spot.

Our portable vibration instruments (IRD246, IRD880 & IRD1500) enables us to balance your rotating apparatus down to levels that will greatly prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

laser alignment
On-Site Laser Alignment
Coupling Alignment, Pump Alignment, Shaft Alignment, Pulley & Belt Alignment. Coupling misalignment is one of the most frequent causes of bearing and seal failure. By using Laser Alignment we can significantly reduce bearing vibration and lengthen the bearing life in your equipment. Laser alignment is the fastest and most accurate method of alignment and here at dahl-beck electric we utilize the Ludeca Rotalign® & Optalign® equipment.


On-Site Vibration Analysis
Through the use of Vibration Analysis we can locate the source of vibration in your rotating machinery. Our equipment (dataPAC 1500 ®) can differentiate between many different vibration signatures to pinpoint the source. A Vibration Analysis can reveal imbalance, bent or misaligned drive shafts, worn bearings, housings and seals. When problems are detected early they can be corrected at a much lower cost and on a timetable that makes sense to you. If left un-repaired these problems can turn into costly catastrophic failures. Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs are the best way to catch minor problems before they become major. Please let us know if you would like more information on these cost saving programs.

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